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How to fit textile logo and entrance mats in a matwell or recessed area.
Equipment: Tape measure, Stanley Knife, Chalk, Pencil, Straight Edge, Glue, Screed / Marine Plywood, Matwell Frame   Prepare your matwell. ...
Logo Mats 13/12/21
Make an entrance with your logo, brand or crest.
Display your logo, brand or crest on the richness of an entrance floor mat.  Look no further: The process is very simple and Logomatworks frien...
Logo Mats 23/11/21
Logo and entrance floor mats produced  to suit your floor type.
WHAT TYPE OF FLOOR DO YOU HAVE? Wood, carpet, tile, laminate, other? Our logo mats and entrance floor mats can be smooth or gripper backed to s...
Logo Mats 16/11/21
Choosing the best floor mats for your business.
When deciding to purchase a commercial floor mat for your business, it makes sense to ensure that it will be fit for purpose.  It will be worth y...
Logo Mats 21/10/21